Hi, I’m your host Ken Yarmosh, Founder & CEO of the top app agency Savvy Apps. I regularly speak on all things mobile and wrote a bestselling book on the subject. I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. Feel free to get in touch for any startup, app, or technology-related inquiries.


At Savvy Apps, we are exclusively focused on building applications. Our customers range from well-known brands like the NFL Player’s Association to cutting-edge companies like Homesnap. If you want to launch an amazing application on iOS, Android, web, or other platform learn more about our work or get in touch at my company website.


Although I’ve been blogging (and writing) prior to there even being “blogging software,” I started this site (originally at technosight.com) in mid-2005. It served then, as it does now, as a place to share my thoughts on digital technologies. I’ve reinvented it several times since then and the focus has shifted, based on my personal and professional interests. I expect that trend to continue.

I plan to write more books but I’m proud of my first one, App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPhone and iPad Apps Customers Really Want (O’Reilly).

Beyond my book and the large archive I have on this site, I have been published at Top 50 Blogs including Mashable, GigaOM, and ReadWriteWeb, as well as more traditional outlets like RealClearPolitics and UX Magazine.