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Right now, you as a CEO, founder, or executive are lost in the weeds.

Your week and business is running you.

You need to break free of the Old Factory Standards that are driving your remote, knowledge-based business.

You may not realize it but you're using business strategy and management philosophies designed to optimize the physical time of unskilled workers.

It's time to scale, automate, and modernize your remote business.

I'm the person I needed when I bootstrapped my remote company in 2009 from zero to mid-seven-figure revenue. Then I became an executive of an eight-figure remote company and was one of five people that drove a nine-figure exit.

Now, I share my strategy, operation, & remote playbooks as a Fractional COO to help you do the same.

What is a Fractional COO?

The old way of defining a Fractional COO is someone who helps you part-time with your daily operations. A full-time COO is typically the second in command. For example, the now CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, served as COO to the late Steve Jobs.

Today, a Fractional Chief Operating Officer is less about the amount of time helping you with your business operations and more about the value offered. Many companies under a certain headcount or revenue, cannot justify the expense of a COO. In fact, the median COO salary across the U.S. is $470,799 a year. That does not include equity or other benefits.

Even when I ran my own multi-million dollar agency, that kind of number was not feasible. The rise of the fractional executive today helps companies as they scale with proven playbooks using their extensive experience, without this sort of overhead cost.

Who I Help

Through the years, I've landed clients ranging from Levi's, GEICO, Toyota, PBS, Network Solutions, and more. My work has been featured by Apple in worldwide keynotes, Google, Starbucks, and on Disney+.

But my passion has been working with CEOs, founders, & entrepreneurs.

I've helped hundreds of people like you either go from 0 to 1 on new initiatives or transform their organizations.

What makes me different? I'm not a career executive coach.

I'm a builder and creator who helps other executive builders and creators.

I've been a CEO myself, building multiple businesses across B2B and B2C. I have bootstrapped & run agencies or professional service B2B service firms. But I also have regularly helped B2C companies scale & raise money.

How to Work Together

There are three ways we can work together:

  • Uncoaching service (I show you how)
  • Advisory service (we do it together)
  • Fractional COO service (I do it for you)

All three offerings use my proven playbooks and frameworks, which looks across seven key areas of your business in 90-days.

(Freelancer, consultant, or solopreneur? Here's how I work with you instead.)

An example of one of my frameworks.

We start with an assessment of how you currently operate now versus how you will operate based on your long-term vision.

Do you remember you had a vision when you started your biz?
(If you forget what that is, I'll help realign you right quick. 💪)

Then, we build out a backlog of work that gets prioritized based on...short, medium, & long-term goals.

While I do have a 90-day game plan we review before we start working together, we will customize it based on your needs in our pre-engagement strategy call. Areas of focus vary but many clients have issues around communication, collaboration (especially with their own customers), and culture...three of the seven key areas we dig into. Because I've been remote since 2005, my playbooks are also oriented to distributed and remote teams and clients.

What Results Look Like

A sampling of some of my recent wins for clients like you...

These are all from the last six months:

  • My uncoaching work rocketed a remote business owner focused on recruiting and HR stuck with offers that didn't work. After some brief re-alignment, $200k pipeline was generated within days.
  • My uncoaching work helped a B2B founder completely overhaul their business. We started with an assessment of what they were doing, a competitive analysis using my frameworks, and more, which allowed them to double their rates, fire clients no longer aligned, and create initial systems.
  • My fractional work helped an 8-figure agency revamp their project kickoff and delivery process. I worked directly with the CEO and second-in-command to improve building momentum on projects and accelerate pacing.
  • My advisory work included assisting an implementation leader who struggled with consistent client delivery. She now has dashboards across all client work. New projects can also be started with one click.
  • I uncoached a B2B founder who reorganized their entire operating cadence and delivery system. They now have multiple days a week of no meetings to work on their business.
  • My fractional work helped a tech CEO who had grown previous companies but wanted to scale the right way in his current venture. He went from busy weeks where he felt like he was drowning to a robust set of processes and a company operating system prepared for future growth.
  • I uncoached two B2B agency founders. The guidance I provided helped reset delivery leaders, so they no longer deal with client fires.

Let's Chat

Strategy Call

A 30-minute call to learn more about what you're doing now and where you want to go next. 

Schedule Your Strategy Call Now

You can also contact me to discuss keynote sessions, speaking, & workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Fractional COO services?

  • Business owners below $5M in annual revenue and/or under 50 people in headcount.
  • Business models focused on professional services or agencies.
  • Anyone needing outside perspective on how to scale and grow their business.

What does the working arrangement look like?

  • Strategic planning to map out short and long-term goals.
  • Process improvement around strategy and operations.
  • Setting up or revamping KPIs for key areas of the business.

What are your areas of expertise?

  • Software teams, agencies, and remote operations.
  • Scaling, modernizing, and automating your services business.

Who do you work with on our team?

  • Typically the business owner, CEO, or founder.
  • Employees part of the executive team or focused on operations.

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