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What is the Virtual Handshake?

That is a question that Scott Allen, co-author of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online recently answered on The Virtual Handshake blog.

I have been communicating with David Teten, the other co-author of the book over the last couple of weeks. After looking over some of my writings, David has invited me to guest blog at The Virtual Handshake for the next month – I am really excited about the opportunity to do so. Any posts I write there will now show up under the “TVH Blog” section of our sidebar.

One of the reasons I wanted to contribute to David and Scott’s efforts, is that they are providing a great resource at The Virtual Handshake. As they put it, the goal at their site is to “create the leading resource guide for users of social software: blogs, social networking sites, virtual communities, relationship capital management software, contact management software, and so on.”

You will definitely want to check it out.

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