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Web 2.0 - Lessons Learned from Web 1.0

Considering the continued talk of the Web 2.0 bubble these days, it’s important to take a step back and learn from past mistakes. There is much to learn from what we now call ‘Web 1.0’. These are some of the lessons I’ve pulled from my recollection of the dot.bombs.

Smart growth and market share are typically more important than short-term profitability

dot.bomb success story Amazon.com and dot.bomb debacle Webvan

Acquisitions and mergers do not necessarily legitamize anything

The AOL Time Warner deal

Don’t rely on advertising as the sole means to sell your business

dot.bomb debacles include computer.com and pets.com

Established players will eventually understand and better the game

Consider how any number of Old Economy companies have used a website (and more generally, the web) to absolutely transform their businesses

The thoughts above are part of my newest blogoposium – Lessons Learned from Web 1.0. To get involved in the discussion, go check out the details

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