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Web 2.0 - As Defined by People

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued contributions to the blogoposium. From the visualizations to the articulations, I’ve enjoyed your thoughts.

Web 2.0 has obviously been a hot topic in the blogosphere this week, outside of our little blogoposium experiment. Instead of highlighting yesterday’s thoughts, I’d like to point you to an archived version of tech.memeorandum. You’ll note that Web 2.0 was the top ‘meme’ and can reference all of the Web 2.0 relevant discussions.

Since I’ve been ‘hosting’ our part of the Web 2.0 conversation via blogoposium1, I won’t add my 2.0 cents. What I would like you to see though, are the concepts that people relate to Web 2.0. Before you take a peek below, I’d like you to note that this research is quite unscientific and it does not necessarily get to the heart of how we as techies, business folk, and other early adopters can actually articulate Web 2.0 ideas to the non-technical community. It only loosely identifies how we have been viewing Web 2.0 to this point.

I took a look at the Web 2.0 related tags and tag cloud for two different social bookmarking sites, del.icio.us and BlinkList. These diagrams paint a very abstract picture of concepts that people related to Web 2.0. In the del.icio.us example, I also choose to examine the related tags for ajax and tagging

Finally, I took a number of my sources from my newly created Everything Web 2.0 Rollyo searchroll and created a TagCloud (you can check out those sources by accessing my Everything Web 2.0 searchroll – to read how TagCloud extracts keywords from RSS sources, go over to their about page)

I’ll leave the analysis to you…what do you think, are these diagrams on the right track? Are they missing anything? Are they helpful in describing Web 2.0?

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