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ThinkFree - Online Office with a Desktop Feel

I was impressed when I met the CEO of ThinkFree – TJ Kang – at the New New Internet Conference. Both his analysis of the marketplace, as well as his product grabbed my attention.

ThinkFree is an online MS Office alternative, offered at the low low cost of zero dollars. One of the distinguishing factors of it versus its competitors is the “Power Edit” mode. With Power Edit, it really feels like you are in Office.

If online Office suites hope to gain the adoption of mainstream users, they are going to need to follow this approach. While other online Office products are useful, the environments they offer still don’t match what most users have come to expect in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other MS applications.

Even with lower or zero costs, users won’t switch if they can’t do what they normally can. ThinkFree is onto something here…keep an eye on them.

See ThinkFree in Action

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