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The Best Blog Search Engine

I am very interested to know what you think is the best blog search engine. Yes, it is somewhat of a loaded question – each possess different tools and utilize varying methodologies to yield their results. Still, I am looking for compelling reasons for why one is better than another.

This morning I deactivated the Technorati Tag plugin with a mission in mind – to see how quickly a new post would be picked up by the major blog search engines, without the use of any tagging. Very interesting results thus far and I have only begun to do preliminary research.

I also am always very interested in playing with new search engines, so if you think you know of any that are not as widely known, please point them out below.

Leave a comment or trackback this post with your thoughts on the best blog search engine. I will be following-up with a post of some of the more compelling arguments, as well as sharing my investigation and research.

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