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Sonar Identifies App Store Algorithm Changes

Anyone with success across app stores knows that having a strong launch is just the starting point. For an app to have staying power, high search visibility is key. That’s a major reason why the “card-based” search results of the App Store in iOS 6 had iOS developers very concerned.

Historically, there’s been little more than anecdotes to highlight less visible changes, when it comes to shifts in the ranking algorithms themselves. That’s why MobileDevHQ’s Sonar caught my eye last week,

Sonar is a fascinating and incredibly valuable look into each of the app stores’ algorithms. Sonar allows you to see large-scale algorithm changes to an app store’s search algorithm. As an app marketer, you can use this data to find out when an algorithm has changed and how it might impact your app.

I’ve been bouncing between SearchMan and AppStoreRankings but Sonar is prompting me to give MobileDevHQ another look.

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