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rMBP 15" (Mid 2012) versus Ultimate MBA 13" (Mid 2013)

Who isn’t tempted by the claimed 12 hours of battery life for the new MacBook Air? Still, performance can’t be ignored. So, I pulled up last year’s Macworld lab tests to check out a rough comparison between a base model of the MacBook Pro Retina when it first launched (what I currently use) versus a supped up MacBook Air, just announced at WWDC. This YouTube video, which shows some performance differences between the two, is also interesting.

Unfortunately, Macworld seems to have changed some of their tests, so it’s not a full one-to-one comparison. Overall, the new fully maxed out MBA doesn’t appear to fall too far behind but I just can’t bring myself back to a non-Retina display. And that’s even considering I mostly use my rMBP docked.

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