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Listacular for Dropbox

ListacularWhile I have a to do app on my iPhone, I usually also have an app that lets me quickly jot down ideas, points I need to discuss with my team, and similar items that really aren’t task-driven. Historically, I’ve been using Drafts for this purpose but I’ve wanted something that was more structured yet still lightweight. Listacular may be that app.

What I like about Listacular thus far, aside from its clean design, is that it’s not overly focused on being a task manager. In particular, each entry on a list can actually just be a note or a bullet-instead of a to do-without the need to “complete” it. To accomplish that, there’s a very clever formatting toolbar to define item types, create headers to separate items, and control indentation.

I’m giving Listacular a chance in my dock. If it sounds interesting to you, check out Christine Chan’s full review on AppAdvice.

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