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Foxmarks and Google Sync - Great Tools for Mobile Workers

As a result of my work, the last several months has required me to utilize multiple laptops. During the first several weeks or so, I exported my bookmarks on a somewhat daily basis to my Gmail account and then re-imported them on my other laptop. That got annoying quickly.

The solution was apparent so I did what any good Firefox user would – I searched for an extension that would help sync my bookmarks across multiple machines (OK – a good Firefox user might actually write the extension – maybe I’m just a smart or arguably a lazy Firefox user). I was happily surprised to see that Foxmarks fit the bill.

FoxmarksI’ve been using Foxmarks for about two months now and I’ve been quite pleased with it. Foxmarks requires a one-time account creation. After that, any computer that has Firefox, the extension installed (it only takes moments to install), and your Foxmarks account details will ensure that your bookmarks are always synced.

Since that time, Google has launched a similar although more advanced service called Google Sync. Google Sync does exactly what Foxmarks does and more. I haven’t tried out Google Sync to this point but in addition to synching bookmarks, it also is supposed to preserve persistent cookies and browsing history amongst other things. That means that browsing experience is seamless from one machine to the next.

Foxmarks is a tremendously useful tool, especially for super mobile users like myself. While I’ve not tried it (because I’m happy with Foxmarks), Google Sync appears to be too.

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