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Do you have a Web Strategy?

Regardless of if you are a small business, Fortune 500 company, politico, or a private individual, you have a web strategy even if you have not formalized it. All web strategy is not created equal.

Many who fall into the ‘private individual’ category possess a simple strategy – to have a place to communicate with friends and family online. Businesses are often more hopeful – their goals include selling products, converting new customers, or boosting e-mail newsletter subscribers, just to name a few.

Strategy is a careful plan or method devised to drive towards a specific goal (or set of goals). Thus, the phrase ‘web strategy’ is pretty easy to understand. It’s using the medium of the web to execute that plan.

In an age where everyone has a website, you need to think through your web strategy. And you need to have the analytics in place to measure your goals too. I’m continually amazed how many website owners have no clue about what’s occurring on their sites. With all the free tools to measure success (or the lack thereof), there is no excuse for that to happen.

Take a second to think about and evaluate your web strategy. An easy way to know if it’s successfully being executed is if you view the web as a critical part of your business or no more than a cost center. If all you think about are the checks you write to keep your website running, then it’s time to reassess.

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