Delicious Firefox Add-on – Always “Mark as Private”

Jan 14th 2010

I would also love this option. The link provided by “exploded” shows how to do it with the delicious add-on in firefox:
1. Open firefox.
2. Type “about:config” in location bar.
3. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
4. Right click anywhere on the page.
5. Select New->Integer.
6. Enter “[email protected]”.
7. Enter “1”.

Finished. When you add a new link with the add-on, it will have “Mark as Private” on (only when you do it through the add-on!).

via Delicious Forum

I’ve been an anti-social bookmarker since the early days, which is why I initially used BlinkList. A big reason I gave Pinboard a try was that it has an option to make private bookmarking a default setting. This hack brings that feature to the official Delicious Firefox add-on.