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How I automate revenue without AI, VAs, or complex systems

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Yesterday I ran an interactive workshop for 52 agency owners, consultants, and solopreneurs on how to build an 🧲 Offer Magnet.

(yes, you had the chance to join this one, too 😞 🐼)

And the big eye-opener for them was how easy I’ve made it to automate revenue for myself and my clients.

No, this isn’t a bunch of money trees in my backyard.

Yes, it is a series of systems across marketing, sales, and client delivery.

These systems have been built over months, years, and even decades.

You don’t have that advantage but you do have this briefing to help you shortcut years of struggles.

So let’s dive into automating revenue in your business.

1. Always start manually.

In the workshop, I showed how one simple automation drove a five-figure deal in under two weeks without AI or a complex set of systems.

(and this particular one has driven hundreds of thousands in sales in the last year)

Through this very purposeful system I designed, guess what else happened?

I wasn’t compared to others.

I didn’t have to submit a competitive bid or proposal they didn’t want to read.

But the system started completely manually.

This time last year, I was doing the steps manually to ensure it worked first.

Then after doing that regularly and seeing positive results in the form of sales conversations and deals closing?

I built a one-step automation...each month this single automation is more effective than an inexperienced/new team member or VA.

Nothing crazy at all.

2. Template what’s working.

Ok, your next step to your money tree automating revenue is to begin to find marketing and sales activities across the business that can be templated.

Notice this is NOT automation.

For example, some people before working with me,


"Well, Ken, I use ChatGPT for posts. Plus, I've got a LinkedIn automation and DM sequence running, so I'm covered with marketing activities."


"Tell me about your `Lighthouse Client` and why the last five clients bought from you."



When you try to automate too soon, you automate the wrong things.

Instead, for example, I have well over a dozen snippet expansions for common messages and questions I ask Lighthouse Client prospects. This saves me hours every week. Some even have dynamic variables in them to replace names, pain points, and transformations.

No automation, just very simple templates from tasks I do daily and weekly.

3. Automate and scale.

Until an offer is validated, it's not time to automate, push a launch, or scale.

I want you to re-read that sentence a few times.

This applies across your whole business, too.

It's not time for the VA, another hire, or more clients...if you don't have process, SOPs, and locked-down client delivery systems.

In my Offer Magnet training—and the provided workbook 👀—I gave my clients and attendees a rundown on how to do a "💯 Flawless Rollout". There are a bunch of steps before pushing the gas pedal down to scale.

The cool part?

The compounding effect.

You start manually.

You build a series of templates.

You begin to tie the templates together into systems.

And then...your systems...once working...can be automated...because they work.

And that's automating revenue.

(no money trees required)

  1. Always start manually.
  2. Template what's working.
  3. Automate and scale.

Get to it.

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