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B-list Blogger - An Interesting Breakdown of Blogs

According to a neat little tool Kineda put together, I’m a B-list blogger. I’m actually B-List Bloggersurprised I even rank that high considering the fact I don’t really try and compete with the big boys (e.g., I’m pretty much determined that for me, posting several times a day is unhealthy and unproductive). To be fair, I barely make the B-list cut by three links (oh no, imagine what my Mom would think if she knew I was teetering on being a ‘C-list’ blogger).

Besides showing of a cool badge though, I think the algorithm behind this ranking deserves some attention.

First off, Kineda decided to look at data over a set period of time, which makes sense to me. They choose to examine a 6 month period (180 days) from Technorati. Ranking is determined by the number of links over the specified time period. Here is the breakdown for the “High Authority Group”, which is what I fall into:

The High Authority Group (100-499 blogs linking in the last 6 months)
The third group represents a decided shift in blog age while not blogging much more frequently than the last. In keeping with the theme of the maturation of the blogosphere, it seems evident that many of these bloggers were previously in category two and have grown in authority organically over time. In other words, sheer dedication pays off over time.

Thanks to Andy Beale for pointing this out. 

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