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A Giant Web 2.0 Headache

As the long weekend comes upon us, I can’t help but admit that I have a giant Web 2.0 headache. What once was fun and interesting – reading about the new happenings of the web – now has become so overwhelming that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the signal from the noise even on the sites you expect to find good information.

With upwards of six to seven posts a day from mega-popular tech blogs, in order to keep up with that sort content output you literally need to read blogs full-time.

The bottom line is where I use to value the voices of these blogs, I’m now to the point where I no longer feel any connection to them. Their content is just as good as another site. And often, I read the same perspectives and stories on each of them – so why bother reading each of them?

In addition, while blogs offer an easy medium for these publishers to get their content out, what they don’t do is provide a nice way for readers to keep up with their massive amounts of content. If the big blogging sites want visitors coming to their site instead of consuming content via RSS (so that they can keep those advertising dollars rolling in), then they need to find a better way to present content to us.

Enjoy the holiday!

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