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7 Must Have Firefox Search Plugins

After writing about my Rollyo Everything Web 2.0 Firefox Search Plugin several weeks ago, I realized that to their detriment, many people do not take advantage of or customize their Firefox Search Toolbar.

There are an inordinate amount of search plugins out there and by a simple click, you make Firefox and your browsing experience much richer and more expedient – instead of traveling across the web to search for information, you bring the power of those searches to your fingertips.

To start, I recommend cleaning out your search toolbar of the default plugins that are useless to you – the default search plugins live in the same location as your Firefox installation. In my case, that location is

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

Search plugins end in extension ‘.src’ – to remove a particular search plugin, be sure to delete both the ‘.src’ file and the associated ‘.gif’ or ‘.png’ file (the latter two are what give the search its pretty icon in the toolbar dropdown). Once you’ve cleaned up your default searches to your liking, you are ready to add what I consider seven must-have Firefox Search Plugins (excluding the default searches).

Below, I provide links to the location to load up each search – to add a search plugin, you simply need to click on the appropriate link on the pages I specify. If you are interested in a more streamlined approach to add these plugins, drop me a line and I will send you a file that will allow a one-click install.

  • Wikipedia&GoogleWhat year did …. end?
    Some people might disagree with me on this one but I prefer using the Google powered version of the Wikipedia search, as opposed to the Wikipedia search only. This plugin is located sixth from the bottom of this page.

  • WebsterWhat is the definition of…?
    Put that dictionary next to you again by adding the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to your toolbar. This plugin is the first on this page.

  • Weather.comWhat is the weather in…?
    Make sure you dress appropriately by adding the third plugin from the bottom of this page.

  • WebMDWhat should I do when…?
    Fight the common cold or learn about a particular disease by getting WebMD into your toolbar from this page.

  • TechnoratiWhat are bloggers saying about…?
    Adding the first Technorati plugin from this page is a no brainer, especially if you are interested in listening to the blogosphere.

  • IMDBWho starred in…?
    Don’t argue with your friends, just add the first IMDB search plugin from this page and look it up.

  • Your own Rollyo Search Engine
    Search a certain site or set of sites with some regularity? Create your own search engine over at Rollyo by specifying the sites you want searched. Add it to Firefox via the Tools section. Feel free to take my Everything Web 2.0 Searchroll for a spin or add it by clicking here.

Worth mentioning – del.icio.us, local craigslist, Babel Fish Language Translators, and various News plugins. Much more available for consumption.

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