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YouTube - MySpace's Fiercest Competitor

Last week, YouTube began adding customized URLs to their site. While a cool feature, many just waived their hands at it. But combine that with stardom (http://youtube.com/ParisHilton – no, I won’t link to that) and a fledging (and innovative) advertising model and it becomes a bit more important.

I’ve been talking with a very web and marketing savvy friend about YouTube recently and we definitely saw some version of this new ad model coming. What I’ve been oblivious too, however, is how much of a community and social network YouTube really is.

Liz Gannes of GigaOM pointed to two different YouTube profiles in her YouTube’s Ads Blur Lines. As I surfed over to them, I was surprised by the standard social networking elements I saw – it was basically MySpace but with video content.

As someone who has used YouTube for quite some time, I’ve really been shocked. I think many YouTube users just watch videos and are unaware of its social networking features. That was true for me.

I imagine that as time passes, the lines between YouTube and MySpace will continued to be blurred, which means they will fight over eyeballs. Long-term YouTube could be disinvited to exist in the MySpace world.

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