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YouTube '08

“This week, there was a tragedy in Kansas, 10,000 people died.”

– Barack Obama, courtesy of YouTube

The Obama campaign actually does quite a nice job on their YouTube page – but I’m sure Barack wishes he can have that one back.

Online video sharing is going to have a tremendous impact on the 2008 presidential campaign . In fact, YouTube has an entire section of its site dedicated to the ’08 election entitled YouChoose ’08. It does more than simply capture blunders (and the candidates are thankful for that). YouTube is giving a face to these candidates; especially the less well known ones.

YouTube is re-defining political strategy and communication for the 2008 campaign season. It obviously yields new challenges. Politico.com has an interesting article that provides practical tips on how to leverage, as well as mitigate YouTube ’08:

– Smile, You’re on Campaign Camera. These days, everything records video. Candidates can get “Razr burned” by cell phones or ambushed by hidden videographers…

– You Can’t Beat ‘Em, So Join ‘Em. Use video tools to get out your message, earn media and rattle your opponent….

I think the most important takeaway for campaigns is that they cannot control the medium. But they have to be prepared to engage it.

Link: Flip-flopping in the age of YouTube

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