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Yahoo! and Digg - Sign of the Times or Big Rumor

As you can well see, I stay away from the rumor mill both here and at the Corante Web Hub. So when everyone got in on the Yahoo! buying Digg talk, I steered clear.

I don’t know what is up with the alleged deal at this point but I found something kind of interesting on a couple of Yahoo! personality blogs that made me start thinking if there was any legitimacy to those talks.

Yesterday, as I was reading fellow Corante Network contributor Matt McAlister’s blog (who, I may note, always has interesting insight to share), I noticed the following at the bottom of his post:

Now, normally, I wouldn’t think too much of that. But his other buttons each link to another Yahoo! property (“Bookmark” goes to del.icio.us and “Blog” goes to Yahoo! 360). More importantly is that I’ve not seen anyone actually add that sort of functionality to their blog yet. I did a quick search on the Digg site and via search engines and couldn’t find the code to do so (note that the button actually adds the URL into the Digg system versus just bringing you over to the Digg site).

Then, I went over to Jeremy Zawodny’s blog and low and behold, the same button existed.

Am I just reading into something here or is that code and the blog “Digg it” type button widely known? Trying to be a sleuth but I could just be a sloth in keeping up with the word on the street.

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