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Would I date someone who doesn't have a blog?

In my circle of friends, I’m known as ‘the geek’. I’m ‘the blogger’, who doesn’t do any real work, I just blog. More and more of my friends are starting blogs though and it’s not just because of me either.

I’m finding people my age (twenty-somethings) are really getting into blogging. These aren’t business blogs, rather more of the digital diary type (digital diaries that are of course accessible to the world). And these aren’t teenage blogs either, spilling extremely personal details. They are funny, they give insights into the daily routine of life, share thoughts on movies, or even give perspective into relationships. They exemplify the beauty of blogs – make them whatever you want.

Something interesting is happening though, I’m beginning to meet girls who I potentially am interested in, who keep regular blogs.

Back in December, I actually went on a blind date, as a favor to a buddy (i.e., I had no better plans on a Saturday night and a blind date sounded just fine). The important point of this story is that she is a big time Xanga blogger. She told me about her blog during our date and as soon as I got home that night, I looked it up and began reading her entries.

While it was neat that she was a blogger, more significant was the fact that I suddenly got to know her that much better. As bloggers we often read statements like, “I feel like I know you already because I read your blog everyday.” It holds true in other contexts too – dating is one example.

There is a tremendous amount of transparency and trust transferred when someone gives you their personal blog address. Yes, it is accessible to the world, if the world happens to stumble across it. But with 27 million blogs out there (and probably a whole lot more than that), most blogs remain in obscurity, acting only as places that friends or family visit.

It may sound funny but blogging may actually help foster more successful dating relationships. Why? Well just take a look at their blog either before or after a date and you’ll begin to get a pretty decent picture of their beliefs, ideology, and interests. If their blog exists in a social environment like MySpace or Xanga, you can also get a pretty good idea as to who they are “interacting” with on a regular basis – yeah, I’m probably going to stay away from the girl who has tons of comments from other guys, she may be a bit too flirty.

Would I date someone who doesn’t have a blog? Yes, I guess I would. But blogging is attractive. It means the wheels are turning upstairs. It shows that someone is observant, pensive, and engaged in their world.

Rather than eHarmony or Match.com, I’m wondering if blogs could really transform the online dating scene. I imagine if they haven’t already, that services like these might begin to roll blogs into user accounts.

I think I was lucky to meet some beautiful lady bloggers but I hope they weren’t anomalies. Blogs could make dating a whole lot easier for me and many others out there. All you single types, spread the word!

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