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WordPress.com Invitation is Up for Grabs!

In order to spur the debate of my previous post entitled The Best Blog Search Engine, I thought I might sweeten the deal.

Soon after I responded to a comment on my WP.com blog about how invites for WP.com were not working like gmail, low and behold, I found where the ONE precious invitation was hiding. I have held onto it until now.

Since I really do want to read some convincing blog search engine arguments, I am proposing a competition, with the winner receiving my WP.com invitation.

The competition will work as follows:

  1. Write a post on your blog about your thoughts on “The Best Blog Search Engine”. Your post can include arguments such as “there is no best blog search engine.” Previous posts (within limit) on this topic are acceptable.
  2. Notify me that you have weighed in by utilizing this trackback or simply by including this link in your post . Deadline for submission is September 6th.
  3. I will select the five best posts on the subject and put them up for a vote by the readers on September 7th.
  4. The blogger who receives the most votes will receive the WordPress.com invitation.

Happy blogging!

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