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Who Am I Reaching?

Through my blog, I attempt to –

  1. Gain credence with my peers.

  2. Gain credence with my clients (or potential clients).

During the first session of The Ultimate Marketing System, I was challenged to think about my target market and realized that I couldn’t achieve those goals based on the organization of my blog. My writings and work really have appealed to two completely different groups but I hadn’t provided a way for each of those groups to quickly access the information that was relevant to them.

The first group that I reach out to is those in the technical or early adopter community. These are the people who are comfortable with or have a firm grasp of Web 2.0 and social software, who have subscribed to RSS feeds, and who are keeping pace with ever changing technical landscape. They visit my blog to read my analysis, to participate in my blogoposiums, or to check out my more geek-like tech tips.

On the other hand, many of my clients have no clue or care about the finer points of how to implement WordPress as a complete content management system. This second group visits my blog to be educated about technical basics, such as understanding what RSS is. These people can be more finely segmented into my typical client – the small biz – and just the “average joe” web surfer.

The result of thinking about who I reach out to, is a vastly altered sidebar and a more focused content strategy. I now consider the featured section of my blog to be my “Tech Tips”“Tech Tips and Info” section, with a category for each one of the groups I mentioned above. The day after I changed this format, I already received some good feedback.

What do you think? Am I trying to do too much on my blog? Is the new sidebar helpful? Is it easy to get the information you want?

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