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Web Analytics - An Hour a Day

In the ye olde days of web analytics, Internet marketers spoke about hits and pageviews. The web has changed, however, and the metrics to measure success are evolving (not dead…yet). Enter Avinash Kaushik, the proclaimer and educator of what analytics should be – and at an hour a day.

image Avinash hits home an important fact. Web analytics cannot be viewed as simple clickstream data (the what); you’ve got to dig deeper to understand the why behind visitor activity on your site. That requires qualitative behavior analysis. As he writes, “Combining the *what *(quantitative) with the why (qualitative) can be exponentially powerful.”

The paradigm Avinash presents is a comprehensive view of the web by looking at action plus motivation. That occurs by hearing from visitors through more direct and active methods such as surveys or more passively through A / B testing. Analyzing that information alongside more traditional web data helps you understand why visitors take certain actions on your site.

That’s a neat little framework – his Trinity mindset. But we must not forget Avinash’s ultimate goal – to achieve better results on the web. More leads, higher conversion rates, and greater revenue; these are just some of the real metrics for measuring website effectiveness (especially from an executive perspective).

On a related note, congrats to Avinash and his colleagues for launching Market Motive, a new Internet marketing company focused on Internet marketing coaching and execution.

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