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Web 2.0 Makes You More Productive

Many people get caught up in defining Web 2.0. I had breakfast with a friend yesterday and told him about TNNI conference. He said, “What’s Web 2.0? Is it software or is it an idea?” I said, “It’s an idea.”

I shared a thought on TNNI’s social network last week that highlights this philosophy:

When speaking with those who don’t “get it” [Web 2.0], it’s more important to articulate the ideas of what it is doing rather than to point to technology or even tools. Instead of stating Web 2.0 is AJAX, RSS, blogging, or even social networks, communicate that it makes the web faster (AJAX), more accessible (RSS), easier to publish to (blogging), and a better tool to connect with friends and colleagues (social networks).

The bottom line: Web 2.0 can help make you more productive doing the things you normally do online.

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