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Recent Web 2.0 Highlights for Blogoposium 1

A handful of highlights from those chiming in around the web thus far:

From Peter Forret’s RSS is a hammer

It’s not because you have particularly strong feelings about one building block of the Web 2.0 temple that you can simplify the whole thing. RSS is important. Ajax is important. And so are REST/XMLRPC/SOAP, KML, social software, folksonomies, contextual advertising, “Long tail” logic, Creative Commons, … It’s the sum of all these forces that hint at a future “Web 2.0″ that’s bigger and brighter.

Peter also recently contributed a Web 2.0 Meme Overview over on the Flickr blogoposium1 tag. He explains it in some detail in his Web 2.0 mememap overview post.

From Matteo Brunati’s My thoughts on the web2.0

The point IMHO is this: data is the main focus and if i want to control and personalize the tools i am using, the choice is fundamental… as for the standard format of the data…

From John Evan’s Is Web 2.0 RSS 2.0?

The success of Windows may now be an encumbrance to Microsoft as it faces the need to carve out new niches for itself in the emerging multiplex of markets often referred to as Web 2.0.

From Richard MacManus’ Web 2.0 Elevator Pitch

Web 2.0 at its most basic is using services on the Web. Some examples: Gmail for email, Flickr for photo-management, RSS for news delivery, eBay for shopping, Amazon for buying books. That’s why the Web is being called a platform – because all of these services are being built and used on the Web. Why Web 2.0 only now though – hasn’t Amazon been around since 1995? Why yes, but it’s taken until 2005 for broadband and web technology to catch up and reach a ‘tipping point’ – the Web is fast becoming the platform of choice for developers, business, media, public services, and so on.

Richard also highlights some other excellent Web 2.0 thoughts, by the likes of Om Malik, John Hagel (who also trackbacked his post to the blogoposium – thanks John!), and Susan Mernit.

Others including Stowe Boyd should be weighing in today or tomorrow. For those that don’t know about the blogoposium, please let them know, so that they can tag their posts. At the very least, make sure you tag them yourself under the blogoposium1 del.icio.us tag.

Finally, I’ve created a Everything Web 2.0 searchroll on Rollyo. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m happy to add or remove sources based on the relevancy of results.

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