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Web 2.0 Consulting Services

Web 2.0 Consulting – Updated May 2009

The most proven, cost-effective, and productive Web 2.0 consulting available.

Today, everyone offers “Web 2.0 Consulting” services. But most do so because they are trying to capitalize on a buzz term to close sales. I’ve been focused on Web 2.0 before most companies knew what Web 2.0 was. That’s why you’re here today…even Google and other search engines recognize my authority on this subject.

I wrote extensively about Web 2.0 back in its glory days. My article on Web 2.0 Business Models and my series on why Web 2.0 matters to businesses are still often cited.

Browse the archives to see my chronicling on Web 2.0 and other related topics. Be sure to check out my services page to learn how we can work together or just drop me a line.

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