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Washington DC Blog Seminars

Last Thursday morning, I had the pleasure of sitting down with La Shawn Barber of The Language Artist. La Shawn is also based in the Washington DC area and recently announced her new business blog consulting and ghostblogging services.

As my regular readers and many of my colleagues know, I’ve looked for people and / or companies to partner with over the last several months, especially in finding someone who could team up with me to run some DC blogging seminars. After our meeting Thursday morning, I am happy to write that I’ve found someone who is on the same page that I am.

La Shawn and I spoke about a number of ideas but the majority of our time was focused on our determination to start a series of blogging seminars called “Crash Course on Blogging.” With our complementary backgrounds, La Shawn is going to tackle the “why’s” of blogging (PR, marketing, etc.), while I will answer the “how’s” (demystifying technical jargon, blogging platforms, etc.).

We tentatively plan to offer somewhere between 3-5 two hour long seminars on the subject, absolutely free of charge. These seminars will be geared towards non-profit organizations and small businesses in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan area. You can read La Shawn’s take on the meeting over on her blog.

If you are interested in hosting one of these seminars, please contact me.

P.S. – I previously mentioned this idea to Debbie Weil, another DC colleague but she is busy finishing up her book. Perhaps she can collaborate with us when she has the time!

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