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Voicemail to Text - SpinVox

SpinVox is a great service that offers transcribed voicemails to text, both via e-mail and text message. They aren’t available U.S. wide at this point but they did just land a deal to leverage their “Voice-to-Screen” services (as they call it) with Cincinnati Bell’s customer base. They also are taking on select trial accounts for U.S. consumers. And I’m in, baby.

I typically miss most of my voicemails throughout the day due to meetings and more generally just because I am busy at work. I often have a backlog and it’s frustrating to have to sort through them. SpinVox is changing all of that.

My new voicemails are now transcribed and sent to my e-mail address. Since I’m using Gmail, they filter straight into a label (“voicemail”) and are searchable. Searchable voicemails, now that is cool. Below follows a test message I just left for myself:

Testing 1,2,3. I am testing SpinVox, so how good are you at translating this. Ha ha ha ha ha, can you translate that laugh, ha ha ha ha ha.
– Powered by SpinVox.
Message received at Mar 6, 2007 3:02:06 PM

SpinVox also offers the option of voicemail-to-text message but I’ve not opted for that right now because I figure most of them would go over the character limit and require two separate text messages.

I do like the fact that I can still listen to my voicemails, if I want to be “old school”. I can even access each message directly via message number (e.g., press “*04″ to access message four).

Voicemail to text is going to be huge and SpinVox is leading the charge. Check out SimulScribe for a similar service. If you know of others, please share in the comments section.

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