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Vertical Firefox Tabs - Widefox

You may be like me and often have many tabs open at once in Firefox. Sometimes, perhaps, you even max out your tab space and have to scroll to see the rest of them. Consider those days done with Widefox.

Widefox is a neat little hack created by Johnathon Weare. Utilizing the Tab Mix Plus add-on and some CSS code he created (userChrome.css – don’t worry, he has instructions), you can leverage your large monitor to have vertical tabs located on the left or right hand side of your browser.

I tried Widefox for a couple of weeks on one computer and have decided to switch over to it on my other one for two reasons: 1) I can have many more tabs open at once. 2) I like that they are located on the right hand side of the browser, making them easier to view, access, and scroll through (if you are a lefty mouse user, you can switch it to the left).

Surf over to Johnathon’s site and be sure to edit the one line of the CSS code based on your monitor size.

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