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Three Simple Ways Slack Video Clips Can Drastically Reduce Meeting Overload

Three Simple Ways Slack Video Clips Can Drastically Reduce Meeting Overload

One of my previous episodes focused on a new Slack feature called Slack Clips to reduce meeting overload. In it, I review what the tool is and some of the goals Slack had in mind.

There are three tips I want you to put into consideration when it comes to features like Slack Clips and trying to reduce meeting overload.

1. Get to the root of the meeting overload problem.

Use these tips I've shared to both audit your calendar and reduce the amount of meetings you have each week. You need to understand what's causing meeting overload to see where you can reduce them, including leveraging Slack Clips.

2. Identify and highlight tools like Slack Clips.

Model the behavior you want others to follow on your team and across your organization. Show colleagues tools like Slack Clips by using them yourself. Once they see the benefits and how they reduce meeting overload, they will feel more comfortable and be willing to try it themselves.

3. Add it to your work philosophy document.

Yes, you need one of these. Specifically, how you expect you and your team to use something like Slack Clips. As an example, you likely don’t want every meeting to turn into a Slack Clip. Instead, you might suggest that Slack Clips is great to avoid shorter, ad hoc meetings or as a complement to documents that provides context that would take a long time to write.

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