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Usability Battle: Android vs. iOS

What we can conclude though, is that Android and iOS are very similar in terms of usability, at least in the apps we have tested. Of course, there are apps on both platforms that are really very well designed, and apps which should never have been let into the store/market. Neither platform is immune to poorly designed apps.

One difference that also needs to be considered as part of the user experience is the hardware, and this is where some issues come to the fore. Although you can buy very high quality Android phones, you can also buy very cheap, very poorly designed phones which can cause a terrible UX. One thing you have to admit about Apple is that their hardware is of a very high (and well designed) quality.

Interesting results from IntuitionHQ, where Android vs. iOS apps yielded a final tally of 9 to 7.5 on usability, in favor of Android.

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