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Top 5 Posts of 2005

Dear Readers,

As we kick-off the New Year, I want to thank you for making the last four months so fun! While I have posts dating back to July ’05, I really started dedicating time to this blog back in September. I’m amazed that there are so many of you reading it but there are miles to go before I sleep.

Below, you’ll find the top five posts for my blog for 2005, as determined by FeedBurner clickthroughs. While I am lucky enough to have Adaptive Path’s Measure Map, those reading my feed represent the most regular readers of my blog.

I hope to continue to provide quality content and analysis to you through 2006 and beyond. I encourage you to keep me honest, to let me know what you like and what you don’t, and most importantly to keep reading!

I wish you and yours the very best in 2006.

Best Regards,


#1 Web 2.0 Business Models

There are mainly two Web 2.0 business models today, one based on technology and the other on network effects. Both are closely related and in some ways, rely on the other for true success.

#2 Announcing Web 2.0 Consulting Services

These services will mainly be aimed at Web 2.0 companies but will also be quite useful to Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, VCs, or businesses and organizations that are looking to learn about and implement Web 2.0 software.

#3 Flock – Another Browser for the Tech Community

By all accounts, Flock is not going to be the browser of choice for my sisters, my uncle or his friends, or many of my professional (non-blogosphere) contacts.

#4 7 Must Have Firefox Search Plugins

There are an inordinate amount of search plugins out there and by a simple click, you make Firefox and your browsing experience much richer and more expedient – instead of traveling across the web to search for information, you bring the power of those searches to your fingertips.

#5 Web 2.0 Powering Verticals

In both examples, the power of the verticals is at work. People like services that do one thing extremely well over doing many things just OK. They enjoy visiting sites that produce content around one subject.

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