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Think First, Code Later

I’ve submitted a magical and revolutionary panel to SXSW ’11 in the Interactive track and need your vote. The focus will be on the strategy aspects of iOS application development. Here’s the description:

Before a single pixel is created, a line of code is written, or a marketing plan is conceived, a prospective app should be looked at strategically. Questions like, “What devices should be targeted?,” “Which category provides the best opportunity for success?,” or “How much will this app cost?,” can have direct impacts on the actual development process. This panel will explore the often overlooked, assumed, or ignored product strategy aspects of application development, describing them conceptually while showing them in practice for successful apps on the App Store. 

Focusing on the strategic (and not the development) elements of Apple’s App Store ecosystem is what makes it revolutionary. The magical part is who will be on the panel (with me moderating):

Phill Ryu, partner at taptaptap

David Barnard, founder of AppCubby

Natalia Luckyanova, co-founder of Imangi Studios

Chris Brown, co-founder of TapMetrics/senior engineer at Millennial Media

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