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The Whole Web 3.0 Deal

Sometimes the web world makes me angry.

My peers need to stop creating crazy words like blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and wikis. And please, it’s time to end the coining of terms like mash-ups or folksonomy.

Technology is thankfully pushed forward by those on the edge. But advancements need to be communicated to those in the mainstream. It is only when those in the mainstream adopt technology that we often begin to truly grasp technology’s full potential.

If my Mom or uncle or whomever is utterly confused by a word because it is unintuitive or just plain geeky, they will simply walk away from it. I’ve written about the growing technology divide before – my Mom is still learning how do e-mail attachments.

The point here – I put up with ‘Web 2.0′ because it had already gained significant clout by the time I entered the game. But ‘Web 3.0′ is a phrase I’m just not going to use. And for that matter, the Semantic Web doesn’t work for me either. I don’t mind using them within geek circles but we need a better way to communicate these ideas to the non-tech savvy.

For more on the Web 3.0 debate, check out Scoble’s (sarcastic) summary.

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