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The Real-time Moment Session

Jack Dorsey: The stream was used because of what I worked in…real-time movement in dispatch world. When I got into IM, I could see all my friends and see what they were doing. Crystalization was live journal. I was an early adopter. It had a friend’s page and I could see all of them in aggregate.

Chris Cox: We don’t think really use the public IM metaphor.

Bret Taylor: Updates with media have the most comments.

Chris Cox: Those updates that are in the collective conscious but never articulated get a lot of attention.

In the early days, spikes of traffic would be seen during commercial days. Shared moments like Michael Jackson, Iran, etc. are now creating largest spikes.

Schnofeld: How is the re-design being taken now?

Cox: We look at the data of how people are using the site. We are testing a bunch of versions of the homepage.

Taylor: Value is not what people are saying now…but what my social network is saying now.

Dorsey: I’m not following Shaq per say…but rather his updates. What that allows me to do is that if I no longer find value, I can leave it easily and I can move it to some other aspect or person or company that I find valuable.


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