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The New Face of Blogniscient

In my latest interview with Ben Ruedlinger the founder of Blogniscient, I mentioned that there were some significant and exciting changes on the way. Well, the changes are done and I’m happy to announce the new face of Blogniscient.

In working with Ben as my first official Creating the Buzz Web 2.0 client, we honed in on several aspects to improve the useability and value of the Blogniscient experience:

Design Overhaul

Blogniscient ScreenshotThe first item we tackled was the appearance of Blogniscient. Many users found the site extremely useful but visually unappealing. After presenting several design options from my network of contacts, Blognsicient decided to go with a small but talented group by the name of Subbu Agency.

Subbu Agency focused on giving Blogniscient a look that matched its innovative technology. They worked hard and fast to provide a more intuitive and appealing interface, so that site was not so ugly.

Blogniscient Screenshot

The bird’s eye view of the Blogosphere
The real selling point of Blogniscient is the breadth of its coverage, including categories like Sports and Entertainment. As seen in the interview, Ben has a grand vision for what Blogniscient’s reach may look like one day. After he bounced some ideas off of me, he decided to expand Blogniscient’s coverage to two new areas – Venture Capital and Poker. These are subcategories of Business and Sports respectively and are two areas with a great amount of interest outside of the blogosphere.

That latter point is key because Blogniscient is a tool that Ben hopes the non-technical community will find tremendously useful. For instance, the person who is interested in poker but has never read a blog could instantly get a bird’s eye view into the poker blogosphere by visiting Blogniscient.

Blogniscient LogoWith that aim, the new tagline became The bird’s eye view of the Blogosphere. The change was the result of some brainstorming we did to properly communicate to users what they can use Blogniscient to do. The new logo although somewhat subtle ties in nicely with this message. The arch and dot connecting the two ‘i’s’ appear as a simple eye but also represents a musical term called a fermata. A fermata is often referred to as a bird’s eye.

Better Communication
Blogniscient wanted a better way to easily speak to core functionality, as well as detail the newest features. Of course, using a blog was a natural choice. Comments are not enabled due to the logistical nightmare that would present but Ben really values the feedback of the community and provides an email address for thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms .

Ben is quite an innovative and determined individual and I’ve been glad to work with him over the past couple of weeks. He has a great plan for Blogniscient and I suspect it will get better and better in the coming months. I’d love to hear your feedback on the new changes. Please feel free to comment below or to contact me directly after you’ve visited the new site.

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