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The Magic Lottery (for Apps)

Here’s another way to think about it: delight the audience you already have, amaze the customers you can already reach, dazzle the small investors who already trust you enough to listen to you. Take the permission you have and work your way up. Leaps look good in the movies, but in fact, success is mostly about finding a path and walking it one step at a time.

This excerpt from Seth Godin’s Hope and the magic lottery reminded me of something I wrote in my upcoming book App Savvy:

Obviously, attention for your app is a good thing. In fact, your goal will be to see a flurry of excitement when your app is finally approved. The difference is that the core of the excitement for your app should always be generated by customers. Even if your app is reviewed by bloggers and more traditional media outlets, the buzz from those sites will eventually lessen and more likely become nonexistent. Customers that are excited, engaged, and passionate about your app – because of their influence in the development of it – will be the ones who continue to help promote you well after the media is done with their “scoop.”

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