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The Habit of Technology

If your reasons are tied to insecurities or out of habit, can you leave your phone in your car’s glove box when you go into an event so that you can have access to it if you need it, but that access is just annoying enough that you won’t do it unless there is a reason? Can you ask the person you’re out with to carry your phone for you while you’re together?

[via Unclutterer] (http://unclutterer.com/2009/12/22/is-checking-voice-mail-text-and-e-mail-messages-outside-of-work-hours-cluttering-your-life/)

One of the ways I’ve been breaking the habit of technology is by not putting my iPhone on my nightstand. Historically, I relied on my iPhone as my alarm but it also became a crutch for even the slightest hint of not being able to sleep. That often lead to hours of lost sleep due to checking e-mails, tweets, news, apps, etc.

As I also tweeted, I’m considering getting a phone-focused…phone. My iPhone is literally my office in my pocket, making it difficult to go offline in personal situations. Lately, I’ve tried leaving it at home a couple of times and that definitely has allowed me to be more fully invested in whatever I was doing…at the expense of zero Foursquare check-in’s.

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