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The Five-Minute Guide to iPhone App Market Sizing, Pricing Experiments, and User Trends

In both developing my own iPhone apps and in discussing with clients or prospective clients, understanding data and trends behind the App Store and apps is critical.

Jonathan Wegener provided a nice framework for market sizing. There’s also those in the community that have been kind enough to either due some homework or even share their own sales data. While the number of iPhone and iPod Touch devices continues to grow, meaning that this data will grow stale and less relevant over time, there is still much to glean from this information.

I’ve decided to share my synthesis of what iPhone developers and industry analysts have provided. The deck quickly highlights information about users and apps, meaning there are details ranging from how users discover apps to the number of downloads it takes to get to the top of the App Store. It’s by no means exhaustive and is purposed to function more as a reference guide. I’m only cherry-picking the data I’ve found most relevant and interesting.

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