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The Benefits of AJAX Quantified

A new article entitled Measuring the Benefits of Ajax by Alexei White on developer.com attempts to understand how AJAX technology can affect the bottom line. White writes,

Often, in business, decision makers are interested mainly in how information technology can reduce costs, or make better use of information assets. The benefits of Ajax seem to come more out of the cost-containment arena than the latter. The question becomes “Where do these cost savings come from and how can we quantify them?”

In all three instances of the ‘potentially measurable results’, there were significant performance increases. The real homerun though, was this finding:

Looking at a conservative potential time savings of 36 seconds per transaction, if a business performs 50,000 of these transactions per year, and a labor cost of $20/hour, we see a total labor savings of $10,000 per year, or 500 man hours, on this transaction type alone.

Given the Microsoft Fiddler predicted time savings of 199.01 seconds per transaction for a remotely hosted application, you see a more aggressive cost reduction of approximately $55,281 per year for this transaction type, or 2,764 man hours.

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