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Taskbar Shuffle - Rearrange Windows Taskbar

Taskbar Shuffle is a very nifty little program that allows you to re-arrange your Windows Taskbar. The coolest thing about it – drag-and-drop functionality. For those of us who are extremely anal about organization, it’s a great little tool.

While Taskbar Shuffle does help visually, a side problem (and not specific to Taskbar Shuffle per say) is that most of these programs don’t help change the Alt-Tab order. So, while my windows are organized the way I want them on my Taskbar, they are not when I’m Alt-Tabbing through my programs.

It’s debatable whether that is something I would always want (i.e., an order to my Alt-Tab – using Alt-Tab typically just shows the most recent program accessed) but it wouldn’t be a horrible option to have.

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