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Sync Outlook and GCal with SyncMyCal

Chances are that if you are in a corporate-like environment, you use Outlook to manage your inbox and calendar. It’s basically the de facto standard for the office.

Personally, I don’t like using my office Outlook calendar to manage my personal calendar (the key word there is office). I use Google Calendar (GCal). But that leaves me with two different calendars I have to manage. Not so fast, enter SyncMyCal.

If you have been looking for a true Outlook to GCal synching solution, look no further. Don’t mess with the hacks out there. And don’t even just use SyncMyCal Lite, which is the free version they provide. Ante up $25 and buy the pro version, which provides automatic synching between Outlook and any GCal calendar you specify.

In SyncMyCal Lite, you are limited in the synchronization date range and also won’t receive auto sync. Without the latter, you will be particularly annoyed, as you receive different meeting requests throughout the day and then have to force a sync. With auto sync, you can indicate how often you want the calendars to sync and determine which calendar receives precedence if they are conflicting.

As an added bonus, if you are a GCal user that has J2ME supported phone, download GCalSync, which will sync your phone’s calendar with GCal. Personally, I don’t create events on my phone but I do pull them down from Google Calendar. It is quite handy to have the entirety of my calendar (business and personal) in my pocket. I think you will find so too.

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