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Start off Mondays Right by Finishing Fridays Strong

There’s a magical feeling on Friday afternoon. All that keeps you from your wonderful weekend is a handful of waning hours. As the clock nears the time of your departure, there is little work on your mind. When you meet your proverbial 5 o’clock, you drop everything and head home for a weekend of bliss (or something like that).

It is tough for many people to get back in their groove on Monday. I submit  one of the main reasons amongst others is **remembering where you left work off on Friday. **

If you want to start of the week right, if you want to bring you A-game to the office Monday morning, do yourself a favor – download your brain before the weekend. Each Friday, take 10-15 minutes before you leave for the weekend to do the following:

1. List Follow-ups Tasks
Need to call a prospective client back? Not finished with an e-mail to a vendor? Identify and list significant follow-up tasks for next week.

2. List “Waiting” Items
Looking for a response from a proposal you sent out? Never heard back from a client about their decision on the project? Identify and list significant waiting items for next week.

3. List Project / Client Updates
Delivered a milestone on Project Z? Had a lengthy conversation with Client Y? Identify and list significant project / client updates.

As an added bonus tip, Friday afternoon is also a great time to clean and re-organize your physical and virtual workspace. That includes filing (or throwing out) papers and e-mails, sorting through business cards, erasing whiteboards (after documenting important info), clearing off your computer’s desktop, and cleaning your desk (preferably with something besides water, consider 409).

This approach is obviously not exhaustive. But it will help in a couple ways. The first relates to you leaving the office…at the office. The second is rolling in Monday morning to an orderly office/workspace, knowing what you have to face for the week.

Here’s to finishing Fridays strong and starting Mondays off right!

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