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Sonific - Tracks for your Digital Life

Sonific is a music service – currently in private beta – employing the widget strategy. It caters to bloggers, MySpacers, and the like. Users are able to add Flash players or “SongSpots” to their desired web properties.

From a business perspective, the goal of these SongSpots is to introduce people to new artists with the hope that they will purchase their music on iTunes or CD Baby. The benefit to the user is more cool “widgetry” for their sites – and of course music on social networks in particular has proven itself quite popular.

The company has covered itself on the legal liability side of things by receiving permission from all the artists available in its database. Long-term, I’m positive they will have an extensive music library because what new artist wouldn’t want to get free (and legally protected) exposure across the entirety of the web? Sonific has a lot of bargaining power with artists. And as they form more relationships with them, they have a better selling proposition to users.

More details are available on Mashable!.

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