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Snoozing through the Blogosphere

I opened up my feed reader today to see that everyone thinks it’s necessary to write about the same thing:

– FeedBurner acquiring Blogbeat

– 100 Million Daily Videos served up by YouTube

– New Yahoo! Homepage Launches

I’m not sure if it’s just a ‘me-too’ mindset or what. Do bloggers really think their numbers are going to go down (or up) if they don’t cover these stories? Do they think they are reporters? There’s only a few blogs that truly offer “scoops” and news…the rest just become noise in my opinion.

And in other news, isn’t it interesting that so many in Big (Old) Media are now writing about these same stories? Now, I realize they are catering to an entirely different audience but they essentially are repackaging busted up blogosphere memes and running them as technology headlines.

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