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Small Businesses Need to Harness the Internet

I’ve just been too swamped to call in for my small business Ultimate Small Business Marketing System over the last two courses. I’m now making an effort to go through the material – thankfully, John provides digital downloads, including audio files.

The most recent course is called Harness the Internet. First off, I’ve got to applaud John on largely being on the cutting edge when it comes to this topic – but he’s not harping on SEO or blogs just for the sake of being buzz compliant. John is much too practical for that.

No, he has seen first hand the power of the Internet, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Take for example, his own efforts. His Small Business Marketing Blog Channel consists of experts in the world of small business marketing. Through that blog, he has made his site a definitive resource for those around the web who want to know more about small business marketing.

John was also quite strategic in building his online presence. Prior to creating his site, he did extensive keyword research. John notes that “[g]etting your website found by Internet surfers is one of the most important reasons for creating a website.” Do a search on small business marketing and see who comes up first – John knows what he is talking about and definitely practices what he preaches.

With limited resources, small businesses seriously need to harness the Internet. The web gives small businesses more bang for their buck. As is the point with this particular teleseminar, the Internet can provide a system to help small businesses be more efficient, productive, and strategic with their time. Definitely worth the investment.

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