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SlimTimer - Webtop Time-tracking

I’ve reviewed a number of time-trackers in the past but none of them took advantage of the webtop like SlimTimer does.

Richard White – previously of Kiko – has developed an easy time-tracking tool with SlimTimer. But the main reason I’ve switched to using it is that he implemented a Bubble module.

Time-tracking is one of those things that is a pain to do. And one of the reasons is that it’s simply difficult to remember all that you’ve done in one day. But if there was a way to keep your time-tracker with you all the *time, *it potentially could be more useful.

That’s a great benefit of the webtop – bringing applications closer to you. You don’t have to access them solely in the browser or even give them a place on the taskbar. Check out the ST Bubble module in action below:

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