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Skype USB Phone Adapter -D-Link DPH-50U

If you recall, I began using Skype exclusively back in the beginning of June. Well, the Washington Post just ran an article about Internet and Land-Line Calls on One Phone.

DPH-50U_main.jpgThe Post article speaks to a $140 USB Cordless Dualphone. I only spent $59.99 to do the same thing with the D-Link DPH-50U – a USB VoIP phone adapter for Skype. With it, I have the ability to use a traditional land-line phone to make both Skype and land-line calls. I also could utilize a cordless phone if I choose to do so. But I’ve opted to use my base station, complete with speaker phone (which is how I prefer to take my calls).

$59.99 or $140? You make the call.

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