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SiteKreator.com - Just Add Content

sitekreator.gifSiteKreator.com is the easy and affordable way for small businesses and independent professionals to build and host their web presence. Their intuitive tool allows quick in-page edits to both the site layout and content – all without software installation or having the ability to understand HTML or CSS.

Background and Purpose
The origins of SiteKreator.com are in the dot.com days. During that time, its parent company NetClime built hundreds of websites and began developing in-house tools to help automate the process. Once the bubble burst, they decided to utilize their experience to formally build tools that would help make the web accessible to the average joe. Hence, SiteKreator.com was born.

Audience and Features
SiteKreator.com really has been designed with the non-technically savvy in mind. It is a complete solution from start to finish. To get going on SiteKreator.com, a user selects a template. They can then add features like a blog, photo gallery, web forms, and even a mailing list. As they add content, all of the created pages are search engine optimized, including search engine friendly URLs. Users also get access to site stats.

sitekreator_techno.jpgConsidering that audience, there are some limitations. Those who use SiteKreator.com will have to use the templates available on the site. They feel confident with this strategy because this tool really exists for those who are clueless about the web. While not ecstatic about that, I have to admit that the template they helped put together for me was quite impressive.

There are two different editions of SiteKreator.com – Personal and Business (the Business Edition is still in Beta). The Personal Edition comes with less file storage, does not provide the option to utilize the high-end Business Edition templates, and does not allow header customizations. But both allow domain mapping, so that sites don’t have to exist solely under the SiteKreator.com domain.

One additional feature to note – and I think it’s a strong one – is that those who utilize SiteKreator.com also get access to its global Content Delivery Network. As I spoke with CEO Ivaylo Lenkov, he told me that several sites had been slashdotted and that they were easily able to handle the traffic (he also mentioned that whenever they reach 35% bandwidth utilization, they upgrade the network). This sort of robustness often is not available at the pricing point they offer this service under.

For those that only have a 10 MB site or less, they can utilize SiteKreator.com for free. Otherwise, packages start at $19.95 / year for the Personal Edition and $95.00 / year for the Business Edition.

SiteKreator.com is a promising tool, truly making the web accessible to the artist, doctor, lawyer, or just the average joe. Their biggest challenge will be to reach out to the market they are trying to serve. But if they can get a foot in that door, I think they will be quite successful.

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